Corporate Outings & Team Building Events

Whale & Dolphin Watching Excursions

The Adventure R.I.B. offers an intimate whale watching experience.  The R.I.B.’s low profile and high speed potential allows more time for passengers to get up-close and personal to marine life.  Your highly knowledgeable captain will also serve as your onboard naturalist.  (Year-Round: Dolphin & Wildlife Excursions): Imagine wild dolphins so close you can reach out and touch them. You will be wowed on this tour, as dolphins play within arms reach of the Adventure R.I.B. We often encounter herds of Dolphin, including the rare Risso’s Dolphin, numbering in the hundreds and even the thousands (mega-herds), often within a few miles offshore of San Diego.

Naval Heritage & Wildlife Tours of San Diego Bay

Enjoy an amazing and thrilling tour of SD Bay.  Learn about SD’s rich naval & maritime heritage.  Venture under the flight deck of the U.S.S. Midway, see the incredible collection of historic ships at the Maritime Museum and the numerous Naval ships throughout the Bay, see the lighthouses at the entrance to SD Bay, and get up close and personal to sea lions and the other abundant wildlife in and around San Diego Bay.

Adventure Games

Nautical Theme Treasure Hunt Game: Passengers will test their problem solving abilities, observational prowess and hands-on seamanship skills as they follow a series of clues to the most interesting sites around SD Bay and/or Mission Bay.  Custom games that travel the coastline between Mission Bay and SD Bay can be arranged.

Extreme Adventure Game: The dynamic, fast paced and competitive Adventure Game offers a combination of fun treasure hunt questions & physical challenges which may include: beach landing, tug-of-war, & kayak races. Eco-Challenge Game: Questions and challenges revolve around the natural world and the coastal eco-system.  Teams will compete offshore and in San Diego and/or Mission Bay and will be tested on their observational prowess and problem solving abilities as they answer the call of nature. Hybrid Games: This is a great option if you are looking for a chance to both socialize and relax on board a larger luxury yacht and enjoy a fun, fast paced game or whale watching excursion on a R.I.B. boat.  Passengers can easily and safely transfer on and off the R.I.B. boat(s).

Eco-Adventures to the Coronado Islands, Mexico

The Coronado Islands never fail to evoke feelings of awe and amazement in our passengers with its rugged coastline, secluded coves, natural bridges and abundant sea life. A chain of islands located just 15 miles South of San Diego, Los Coronados are protected by the Mexican Government as a nature preserve for seals, sea lions, elephant seals (seasonal) and a myriad of different birds including several rare and endangered species.  Whales & Dolphin can also be seen near the islands throughout the year.  The Captain will act as onboard naturalist.

Adventure Picnics

Adventure on the high seas has a way of working up the appetite, so enjoy lunch on a secluded beach around San Diego or Mission Bay. Arrangements can also be made to drop you off, pick you up, or wait while you eat at any number of fabulous dining spots.

VIP Tours/Shuttle Service

Charter the R.I.B. hourly, for half a day, all day, or all week for any of our amazing excursions, which can be offered throughout the day for clients and/or employees.  Pickup and/or drop off from any bayside location around San Diego or Mission Bay can be arranged.