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"Captain Ken, thanks for the trip, it was great! The whale and dolphin watching trips organized by Ken Manzoni, Adventure Rib Rides are highly professional and productive, and with especial care to avoid disturbances to the animals and the surrounding environments. I highly recommend his trips, especially for keen observers.”

Hadoram Shirihai

Author: Whales, Dolphins and Seals of the World

Experience a fast paced and thrilling ride out to the Pacific Ocean, where your whale watching adventure will begin. The R.I.B offers an intimate on-the-water experience and its low profile allows you to get up close and personal with the California Gray Whales (Eschrichtius robustus) as they pass by San Diego on their annual migration to the warmer waters of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico and then again on their return North to their summer feeding grounds.

Adventure Rib Rides' highly experienced U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain will draw on his vast knowledge and experience to find the best vantage for whale watching. The Captain will also serve as onboard naturalist, relaying a wealth of information about the natural history and migratory habits of the California Gray Whale.

Large herds of Pacific White-sided and Bottlenose dolphins are frequently seen offshore, feeding on an abundance of bait fish. The extremely playful dolphins come right up to the R.I.B., and love to ride our bow wave and stern wake.

Be sure to inquire about other whale watching opportunities during the rest of the year, when Blue, Fin and Sei Whales inhabit the waters farther offshore and around the Coronado Islands.

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