A few of the incredible comments we have received include:

“An Exciting ride!”
5 of 5 stars
We wanted to see the whales up close and took the R.I.P. The ride was exciting in every way. The pontoon boats travel very fast and we were able to follow a couple of whales up close. We also followed a pod of dolphins and interacted with them. The captain was very knowledgeable about the animal life as well as the harbor and the naval vessels and facilities. We strongly recommend this company.

Visited February 2016

“Spectacular day on the ocean!”
5 of 5 stars
This was our first trip to San Diego and we wanted to make the last day of our trip memorable so we chose R.I.B. Adventure Rides. It was a beautiful sunny day at 79 degrees. Captain John was knowledgeable and fun as he toured us into the bay showing us sea lions sunning on the buoys (they like green ones). We came upon a young whale right away as well as White Side dolphins. The dolphins we saw included several babies and mothers. Later on in Mexican waters we saw three whales and later on a few more whales. We saw many sea lions sunning on the chum dock. It was incredible getting so close. Even though the weather was warm, it does get chilly and warm gear is provided. I recommend this trip.

Visited February 2016

“Clint was the best!”
5 of 5 stars
I’m not a big fan of the giant whale watching boats, someone is either in your way so you get their head in your picture or some kid barfs on the boat and we all get to enjoy that smell. Rib Rides seemed like a perfect fit for us and didn’t disappoint. It was my wife and kids and one other nice couple. Clint was our host and guide and was great with the kids and went out of his way to make sure they got some fun education about whales and sea lions. We departed and zoomed full speed past the big barf whale watching boat and got first dibs on some whales! He was very careful to not to harass the whales during their trip south and I know anyone looking for a once in a lifetime trip onto the water won’t be disappointed.

Visited February 2016

“Truly Remarakable”
5 of 5 stars
This is the best thing I have ever done in San Diego. I travel here for business 1 to 2 times per year and sometimes tack on a day or two for hanging out in the stellar weather and having fun. I will be doing this every time I come now. The smaller, more maneuverable, less crowded boats provide a much more intimate (and fun) experience. Our Captain, Clint, was knowledgeable, affable, and made everyone feel at ease. The whale watching was excellent, but we would have had a good time even if we had only seen some sea lions and dolphins.

As far as I am concerned this is the only way to go whale watching.

Visited January 2016

“Whale Watches Done Right!”
5 of 5 stars
I captain a yacht on the great lakes, and was in San Diego for a boat captain’s conference. Always looking for new ideas for our boat, and have been on many whale watches in the area, and all around the world, for the past 20 years. (Of course we seldom see whales on the great lakes, ha ha.) Of all of the whale watches I have been on, this is the best! The RIB boats are small, swift, quiet and maneuverable enough that they can switch positions quickly once these magnificent animals are spotted. The larger boats take a lot longer to get in position, and you are part of a “cattle call.” (They call them “head boats” for a reason.) Our group was nine, so not too large, and Captain Anthony made it fun and exciting! We lucked out and saw many whales, dolphin, sea lions, and even a sub on it’s way out of San Diego Bay! Awesome ride, highly recommended! Boat was safe and dry, yet really fun to ride in. Kids would love this, and Anthony made sure all were comfortable and enjoying the ride. He even asked us what we’d like to see, where we preferred to go, etc. you’d never get that on the larger whale watch vessels. It’s a little more expensive, but worth every cent for an experience to be remembered forever. Everyone has a great view, and you can move around the boat when it’s safe. I’m an amateur photographer, and this was ideal for that, too. Noone standing in front of you. Hint: Bring at least a 200mm lens if you’re shooting “full frame.” Book it and see for yourself! Captain Tom, Hot Tomolly Luxury Yacht Charters, Lake Michigan

“Awesome Experience!!! ”
5 of 5 stars
There are many dolphin/whale watching options in San Diego, but Adventure R.I.B Rides has got to be the best! The boat ride is awesome and you get a much more intimate experience as opposed to being on a head boat with 40-50 other people. We had 5 people in our group and they were all awesome! Our captain/guide was extremely knowledgeable of the different types of dolphins/whales and the area. He knew just where to go to find us some whales! This was hands down the best thing we did on our entire trip! My boyfriend didn’t really want to go, but he ended up being so glad that he did. The ride was so much fun we didn’t even care if we got to see the whales…but we did see whales!!! It was so awesome! Definitely recommend to anyone!

Visited January 2016

“An incredible morning on the water!”
5 of 5 stars
I’ve always wanted to go whale watching and we had a small window (New Years Day in the AM) to fit it in while we were in San Diego. The team at Adventure RIB Rides was flexible and creative and made the trip happen. Our Captain, Clint, was outstanding. He was very personable and an expert on spotting wildlife. Additionally, he knew a tremendous amount about the animals and the surrounding area. The inflatable former Navy rafts made the trip fun and got us a lot closer to the water and, therefore, the whales, dolphin and sea lions. The optional flotation suits were a must in the cool weather. We were fortunate to see 7 whales and tons of birds, sea lions and dolphin. Clint was even able to give us great suggestions for the zoo and an amazing recommendation for lunch. Great job guys! We will be back!

Visited January 2016

5 of 5 stars
We just returned from a trip to San Diego where we spent one afternoon with captain Mark, and a bunch of whales, dolphin and sea lions. We had a great afternoon, and the trip exceeded our expectations. For starters, we were supplied with warm, waterproof suits. Unsure of what to expect, we had brought all the warm clothes we had on the trip with us, but it turns out we didn’t need them at all. While it was chilly, we were comfortable. We had two kids with us (7, 9) and one of the other families had a 2 year old with them. We had a calm day, which was super lucky, but i think the kids would have enjoyed a rough ride too. We saw probably 6-7 whales in several different locations. I would highly recommend this as a great way to spend 1/2 a day in San Diego.

Visited December 2015

5 of 5 stars
We went out on December 26th. The ocean was extremely choppy and for a while, it seemed like it was just going to be a fun sightseeing tour, Captain John would not give up and soon, he found a group of 3 whales that seemed as interested in us, as we were in them! Probably spent an hour with our whale friends and then, hundreds of dolphins escorted us back. Can’t wait to do it again!

Visited December 2015

“Must DO in San Diego”
5 of 5 stars
Firstly, the notification from Ray is excellent. He called us on Dec/22 and notified us to change our apt on Dec/23 morning to Dec/24 morning due to bad weather forecast.

Our tour guide John who is very experienced. For the first hour we could not find anything but the second hour we finally find 6 whales. We took some good photos and John allowed us to take photos at the driver seat.

Price is reasonable for 3 hours adventurous experience. Highly recommend if u are in San Diego.

Note: the boat is not too big and there is no toilet!!

Visited December 2015

“It’s an Adventure, even if you Don’t See a Whale”
5 of 5 stars
If you want to know you will definitely see whales, schedule a trip to SeaWorld, otherwise it’s Nature and you will see what is there at that time. It was a fun ride, great equipment (warm clothing provided), and real interaction with the ocean.

Although we did not see any whales, just the trip alone, out on the water was awesome. The captain’s information was fascinating about the different landmarks, sea-life behaviors, etc., the history of the area.

Loved being down on the water instead of on a big boat passively watching.

Visited December 2015

“Worth the money”
5 of 5 stars
This was the highlight of my holiday in San Diego. I was really hoping for sight of a whale even though it wasn’t peak migration time. Because you are in a RIB once information comes over the radio of a whale sighting They get you there really quickly. We were very lucky see a whale right up close. Also saw dolphins, seals, sealions, lots of birds plus really knowledgable skipper who knows the bay and coast – seawater in his blood I think! As soon as I can save up enough to go back I will be doing this trip again.

Visited October 2015

“Totally worth it”
5 of 5 stars
I read reviews for multiple whale watching yours and opted for Rib Rides even though they were more expensive . I’m thrilled I made the choice . Part of the appeal was the small 6 person craft that would be faster and more intimate than the larger ships and part was the really good reviews .
We were not disappointed . We left on time and the boat was comfortable . The captain was very informative and answered all of our questions . He gave us tips on what to look for and expect . We saw the sea lions as we left the harbor and about 15 minutes later ended up in a huge pod of dolphins . There were easily 500+ and we stopped and spent some quality time with them . It was absolutely amazing !!! Honestly , the time we spent there made the trip a success . I have never seen that many Dolphins together. The boats design gave us a great ability to feel very close to the water and made it easy to observe the Dolphins.
We continued on in search of the whale . We ended up about 12 miles out and had reached the point where it was time to turn back . As if on cue we saw the spray ahead . 6 adults sounded like screaming kids as we shouted in excitement . Our captain asked if anyone had to be back on time and since we didn’t he chose to chase the whale and give us extra time to watch him dive and fluke . I was super impressed that he was willing to allow us extra time so we got to experience the humpback .
I give this outfit a big thumbs up !

Visited September 2015

“Get Up Close to Sea Lions and Dolphins”
5 of 5 stars
We really enjoyed our tour with Adventure RIB Rides; being in a small six person boat allows you to get much closer to the wildlife than you could in a larger vessel. When you get to the Sheraton, go out the back doors, look for the whale statue, and take a right to get to the boat. What you see on your adventure really depends upon the luck of the draw and the season. We were able to see sea lions lounging on a buoy, several common dolphins surrounding our boat, and once we got out deeper, two sea lions devouring a shark. We also rode past the Navy facility where they train their dolphins and enjoyed some nice views of the city. One woman on our boat had done the tour five different times and seen different things on each excursion. She had seen whales on several occasions, and our tour guide, Clint, told us that on rare occasions you can even see orcas. I’d recommend taking Dramamine, bringing a bottle of water with you, and wearing sunscreen; we got sunburned even though the sun didn’t seem that intense. Clint was interesting and informative and made every effort to make this a fun day for us. He told us he was disappointed that he wasn’t able to show us any whales, but we had a great time anyway and would love to go back out again on a future trip.

Visited September 2015

“We Couldn’t Be More Happy”
5 of 5 stars
Adventure R.I.B. Rides was highly recommended by the Hotel del Coronado, and I can see why. My husband, daughter and 5 year-old grandson and I went on an adventure of a lifetime. Ray, our captain, was funny, knowledgeable and made sure we got our money’s worth. We saw several blue whales up close and personal and pods of dolphins…even some tuna!! I don’t know who was more delighted with the trip — the adults or the 5 year-old.

Visited August 2015

“All I can say is WOW!”
5 of 5 stars
Took a whale watching trip with Adventure RIB Rides on August 1st with my teenage daughter and all I can say is WOW! We saw 5 blue whales, 3 pods of common dolphins, sea lions and some small groups of bottled nosed dolphins. Not only did we see them, but with the small boat, we were super close to the whales and in the middle of the dolpins pods. It was a great experience and my daughter is still smiling. Ray, our boat captain was great….a big thank you. If you want to go whale / dolphin watching this is defintely the way to do it!!!

Visited August 2015


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Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by Mike Matheny on Adventure RIB Rides

Outstanding adventure and thrill ride in pursuit of the various marine life we encountered under the piloting of Capt John.

We saw Humpback and Fin Whales along with racing along a pod of 200+ Common Dolphin playing in and out of the boat wake. Truly an incredible site! Additionally, Capt John took us by some of the outer harbour buoys to enjoy sunbathing sea lions.

Would recommend this 'upclose' experience for all ages taking into consideration the following talking points:

+You are speeding and jumping swells in an ex-Navy Seal RIB boat on a 3-hour tour close to the action. +No bathrooms until your return to land. +Wear the recommended Dry Suites for more of the fashion statement (warmth) than truly getting wet. +Have patience and understand that your trip will evolve. +Our dolphin POD encounter was upon us 1hr into the journey, while our first whale experience developed after a 2 hour track. +Group participation and scouting for marine life is a must to increase your chances for up close encounters...it's a big ocean and they are wild mammals...teamwork is necessary. +Great adventure as much for the boat ride and tour.

Since every outing experience proves to be different...we would definitely do again on our next San Diego visit.

by Kristen Heimer on Adventure RIB Rides

I just wanted to say "thanks" for a marvelous day trip last Monday. My nephews and I had an incredible time... the stuff of lifetime memories.

Kristen Heimer

by Kim Robinson on Adventure RIB Rides

We want to thank you for one of the most fun experiences we have ever had!!! We all agreed that the ride was our favorite while visiting San Diego. You were so helpful to us and Kenny was just perfect as a guide. If we vacation in San Diego again we will be sure to give you a call.

Thanks from all of us!
Kim Robinson

by Colin Ruane on Adventure RIB Rides

The most amazing thing I have ever done.

by Hadoram Shirihai on Adventure RIB Rides

The whale and dolphin watching trips organized by Ken Manzoni, Adventure Rib Rides are highly professional and productive, and with especial care to avoid disturbances to the animals and the surrounding environments. I highly recommend his trips, especially for keen observers.

Hadoram Shirihai
Author: Whales, Dolphins and Seals of the World

by Tom Demerly on Adventure RIB Rides

I wanted to thank you for the truly great time we had during the whale watching trip on January 16th.

Every part of the trip was a memorable adventure: The boat was impeccably maintained and equipped, Capt. Manzoni was great skipper and excellent tour guide and the things we experienced where nothing short of amazing.

I've traveled on all seven continents including Antarctica and have never seen a school of dolphins as large as the one Capt. Manzoni spotted and allowed us to see up close. It's exciting and a privilege to be on the water with a Captain who knows the water, his boat and the environment so well.

Every part of trip was great- it was the perfect combination of great ingredients. We'll be back for sure. Thank you very, very much.

Tom Demerly
Dearborn, Michigan

by Beverly Coffman on Adventure RIB Rides

Way better than my wildest expectations.

by Annie Hilkin & Eric Misko on Adventure RIB Rides

We were more then impressed with our adventure RIB Ride. Not only was the boat ride itself a cool experience but the wild life that we were able to see so close made our entire trip to the San Diego area. We saw lounging sea lions, huge whales' fins splashing the surface, and 3 different types of dolphin that our guide, Kenny, identified for us and got to bow ride right along with us, jumping in and out of the water right beside the boat. Towards the end of our trip we came along a feeding frenzy where so many ocean life animals were scooping up lunch that the water was white with caps from all of the action. Seeing all of these things were only possible because our guide knew exactly what to look for and we were able to get there quick because of the easy mobility of the RIB.

Matching the incredible ocean ride with a knowledgeable guide that was more then happy to answer all of our questions about every type of animal we saw to the weather patterns of the area made this 3 hour ride so exciting and ultimately this ride was the number 1 thing I would love to do again when I revisit the San Diego area.

Our ride was so amazing!!!  Kenny Thank You!

Annie Hilkin
Eric Misko

by Angela on Adventure RIB Rides

Went on Adventure Rib Rides on Tuesday afternoon with Kenny and had an amazing time.  Will definitely recommend this trip to visitors and plan on returning again myself.  Very happy with Kenny's expertise and knowledge regarding marine biology and SD history.  Thanks for accomodating us!


by Fredrik & Anna on Adventure RIB Rides

We also want to say thank you for a FANTASTIC tour!! It was amazing to have such a nice day on the ocean. I think the experience is full value for the money. We spotted sea lions, dolphins and whales on the same tour, absolutely great!

Thanks for making our SD trip a fantastic memory.

Fredrik & Anna

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